Thermo king

Originalni delovi Thermo king


šifra: 78-1272/78-1488

šifra: 78-1271/78-1487

šifra: 78-1340


šifra: 78-1624

šifra: 78-1507/78-1744

šifra: 78-1340

šifra: .11-9342

šifra: .11-9341

šifra: .11-9321

šifra: .11-9182

šifra: .11-6182

šifra: .11-7382

šifra: .11-9059

šifra: .11-7400

šifra: .11-9300

šifra: 41-8851

šifra: 41-1740

šifra: 41-4800

šifra: 44-9298

šifra: 42-100

šifra: 41-7059

šifra: .11-8680

šifra: 78-1884/78-1617

šifra: 78-1904/78-1620

šifra: 70-189

šifra: .11-9242

šifra: 13-954

šifra: .11-9624

šifra: 41-5784

šifra: 40-974/40-871

šifra: 60-301

šifra: 66-8560

šifra: 66-7636

šifra: 61-4132

šifra: 22-1101

šifra: 22-899

šifra: 30-264

šifra: 33-2935



Genuine Thermo King Compressors are developed by dedicated teams of Thermo King Engineers and tested extensively in state-of-the art R&D center for highest performance and longer life.



Premium materials mean superior temperature and chemical resistance, resulting in longer belt life.



Engineered with your Thermo King engine in mind, providing maximum life and performance while reducing your operating costs.



Air Filters

Designed to deliver optimal airflow and engine performance by removing all but the smallest contaminants.

Fuel Filters

Extends engine life by avoiding corrosion caused by water with a patented design that automatically removes it from the filter and pumps it back to the fuel tank to be drained.

Oil Filters

Provides maximum protection against particles and contaminants, extending the life of your engine.



Extended Life OE

Protected by a 2-year warranty, delivers the same performance and life as factory-new Thermo King components.

CargoLink™ Wireless
Sensor System

CargoLink™ Wireless Sensor System

CargoLink door sensors improve efficiency by automatically shutting off unit when doors are opened. Heightened security and monitoring capabilities when paired with TracKing telematics.

Smooth Air™Blower

Smooth Air™Blower

Take advantage of advancements in unit efficiency with a blower that uses less energy while operating at an increased capacity. More efficient blade design allows for a smaller blower assembly that consumes less power and provides a fuel savings of up to 7%.



Designed exclusively for Transport Refrigeration applications, Thermo King’s microprocessor controllers offer not just temperature control but “Best in Class” total temperature management.



Genuine Thermo King batteries are available with either AGM or wet cell technology to best match the needs of your application.