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Truck bodies



concern for people and the environment.

Framec Trade is company with over 60 years of experience. It is among the leading manufacturers of bodies in refrigerated transport and distribution of frozen products. Framec features high-quality insulating materials combined with eutectic plates that ensure a very low temperature (up to -33 ° C) inside the body chamber and they are very suitable for ice cream and other deep frozen goods.

Many years of experience in body manufacturing led to the development of new, patent-protected, "Dual Tech" panel that are designed with more safety and strength to provide better thermodynamic properties. Of course, the entire production process and used materials are in accordance with the strict environmental standards. In addition to standard units there are "Mistral" bodies for light commercial vehicles with increased internal capacity that offers greater energy savings.



No.1 in quality, innovation and service.

Kiesling is a manufacturer of refrigerated bodies for transportation of fresh and frozen goods. Because of their quality, innovative solutions and excellent service they are one of the leading German manufacturers of superstructures.

Kiesling bodies achieve temperatures down to -20°C and have the HACCP certification for food transport, long-term quality proven by ISO 9001 certification obtained even in 1994 year and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. Kiesling is known for innovative solutions such as " Silent Stop " solution for removing noise of tail lifts, a single "Roll Bumper" protective bumper and "Cool Classic" bulkhead system that eliminates the need for rear doors and reduces the weight of the vehicle, making delivery faster and reducing costs at the same time.

Alongside with standard, typical bodies, suitable for installation on models of major manufacturers of trucks and vans, Kiesling bodies may be adapted to the particular and specific needs of customers. More than 40 years of experience and numerous awards for innovation, guarantee that we have the right solution for you.